All buyers of JWLand built properties will now have a 12 month warranty.

Historically purchases of brand new or off-the-plan dwellings have a 90 Day Defect Liability Period. In that time the buyer has an opportunity to list all perceived imperfections in the build quality in relation to their property. At the end of the 90 days the buyer submits a list to the developer outlining the defects they would expect the developer to rectify.

Typically, the 90 Day Defect Liability Period commences from the date of settlement or from the date of occupation. The developer would then assess each defect in accordance with the Australian Building Code and the Guide to Standards and Tolerances.

At JWLand we are taking this one step further by announcing a significant increase to the traditional 90 Day Defects Period. All buyers of JWLand built properties will now have a 12 month warranty period. They can notify us of imperfections, perceived defects and other issues for a full 12 month period from the date of receiving the keys. It is important to note that the 12 month warranty is only applicable for off the plan purchases.

Customer Care & Commitment

Quality assurance and customer care are the most important elements of JWLand’s ongoing success.

JWLand have implemented this policy to provide buyers with assurance as buying off-the-plan can be a daunting process. It reduces the pressure of having to compose a list of defects within the first 90 days of settling on your new property, ensuring that the owner can fully acclimatise to their new home.

Quality assurance and customer care are the most important elements of JWLand’s ongoing success. Our commitment and responsibility to our customers continues long after the sales contract has been signed.

We support of customers throughout the construction period to settlement and beyond, making sure that your experience with JWLand is seamless and special. Our settlements team steps into overdrive near completion, assisting every buyer, whatever your need.

Defects Process

All defects, issues and concerns will be reviewed and assessed by the JWLand Customer Care team. If we deem your issue/defect to affect the liveability of your home, immediate action will be undertaken to resolve this.

For items less severe, we will work with the defects team to remedy in a timely manner. Buyers will be notified on the appropriate course of action to resolve the issue and an estimate on how quickly it will be rectified. Below are examples of defects that may occur and the approximate timeframes to rectify them.

Example 1
Leaking shower

If your shower is leaking, we will aim to have this assessed and solution provided within 24 hours of being notified.

Example 2
Door not closing properly/loose handle

If your door is not closing properly or the handle is loose, this will typically be resolved within a week.

Example 3
Manufacturer glass defect

If you have discovered an imperfection inside the double-glazed window that cannot be treated from the outside, a new window will need to be ordered manufacturer. These orders may take up to 8 weeks to resolve.

Applicable projects

The JWLand Promise will be available to buyers who have purchased in the below and any future projects.

The Grounds
The Parade
The Sullivan
De Burgh