Inspired by the Danish capital, København

Welcome to Koben

Inspired by Scandinavian architecture, design and the Danish way of life, Køben combines style and functionality to create sophisticated spaces you’ll want to come home to.

JWLand Campbell5 Siena


Køben is an urban sanctuary that offers tranquillity and amenity. Natural light, air and open spaces have been highly influential in the architecture of the building.

Clean lines and reflective surfaces create a façade that is smooth and sleek, while curved frontage glass on the street level café spaces adds a sense of movement and energy that is fitting for a dynamic urban village.

Inspired by nature and built for comfort, Køben’s interiors intelligently incorporate natural light, mirrored surfaces and raw materials to create a strong sense of connection to the outdoors.

Charisma comes from the interplay between nature and design.

JWLand Campbell5 Siena


Køben is ideally located in the tree-lined streets of Campbell, one of Canberra’s most established and respected residential areas.

Situated in the prestigious Parliamentary Triangle and just 1km from the city, Køben is perfectly positioned between the Lake, Hassett Park and the CBD.

JWLand Campbell5 Siena

Koben was completed in 2018 and is no longer for sale.