The Ridge, Watson ACT

The site has an approved Estate Development Plan (EDP) with associated civil works and the extension to Negus Crescent currently being delivered.

Development of the site is subject to the terms of the Land Development Agency Project Delivery Agreement and the Territory Plan.

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About the development

Quality 2, 3 and 4 bedroom residential townhouses, designed to respond to the natural and residential surrounds of the area and includes landscaped and common areas for residents.

The dwellings are one and two storeys in height (maximum height two storeys) with individual garages and northern oriented private areas. They have been designed to achieve good solar access and natural cross ventilation

The site has been designed to encourage active travel. It includes a number of entry points linking to shared laneways for walking, bicycles and slowed vehicles, as well as pedestrian pathways connecting dwellings with common and landscaped areas.

Location: Negus Crescent, Watson ACT

Project type: Townhouses

Project scope: 2.5 hectare, up to 88 townhouses

Value:  $50 million

Purchase date:  March 2017

Construction commencing: 2018

Estimated completion: 2020


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